January 3, 2016

DIY Sharpie Mug in Purple Paisley

I recently had the good fortune to reconnect with a childhood friend.  Nancy is consistently positive and seems to always wear a smile on her face.  She brightens a room just by walking through the door.  I thought I would surprise her with a Sharpie mug.

In the past, I had found great success using a porcelain pen by the French company, Pebeo, that I used to make this mug and this tile coaster.  Since Pebeo doesn't make a paint pen in purple, I turned to Sharpie.  Sharpie makes oil-based markers that reportedly are permanent on nonporous surfaces.  I bought the five-pack of oil-based Sharpies that included purple, as well as blue, green, orange and pink.

Detailed instructions, including baking time, can be found here.  Be sure to only use oil-based and not the regular Sharpie markers.  

A cellophane bag filled with chocolates and a purple polka-dotted bow finished the Sharpie mug gift.

If you make a Sharpie mug, let me know!

Happy crafting!



November 11, 2015

Bold and Beautiful #11

6" x 6", acrylic on hardboard panel
I have had so many requests via my Facebook page for this beauty, I painted a smaller version for purchase.  I love the bright, vibrant colors.  It makes me happy!

6x6, original acrylic painting on hardboard panel.  Watermark is not on the painting, natch.



July 11, 2015

Painting :: Surprise!

Surprise!  Acrylic on stretched canvas (36x36in.)

My daughter recently moved and asked that I paint something special for her bedroom in her new house.  My instructions were that it be big, with a black background and have bright flowers.  She wanted to be surprised.

I chose to paint a chalkboard-inspired background that really makes the brightly colored flowers pop.  And, it's huge!

Our friend Peggy who, with her husband, owns Barry Davis Produce Stand (be sure to like them on FB), had given Lauren a sunflower.  The sunflower ended up being the focal point of the painting.

It was a thrill for me to paint for a specific person, especially my daughter.  She loves her new SURPRISE painting!

I have had so many requests on my Ivy Lane Designs Facebook page for this happy painting, I painted a smaller (6" x 6") version for purchase.  Click HERE for details.