September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

After a weeklong birthday celebration, it was off to New York City for lunch, shopping and a matinee of The Book of Mormon.

When in Rome, I mean New York, eat as a New Yawkah so we had lunch at Carnegie Deli ...

... which meant matzoh ball soup for me.  Yum!

After lunch we cruised the aisles of a huge street fair on Broadway.

My beloved chose a new pair of specs for me, bedazzled with hot pink rhinestones.  Nice!

Coolest backpack.

Interesting choice of shoes to wear to a street fair.  Ouch!

We stopped for a bit of belt shopping in front of the famous Ed Sullivan Theater, home to the Late Show with David Letterman Show.  We went to a taping when Pierce Brosnan was the guest.  Tip:  If you go to see Letterman bring a jacket or, better yet, a down parka as it's freezing in the theater. 

Then it was on to the Eugene O'Neill Theater for The Book of Mormon.

The show was fun but totally irreverent.  Do not bring your kids.  Really.

There were birthday flowers purchased and arranged by my lovely daughter.

I had not one but TWO birthday cakes which is super duper as birthday cake is my favorite guilty pleasure food.  The first was a Minnie Mouse cake created by our neighbor, Chef Lily.

... and the second was from my beloved.

Food, fun and family.  The perfect birthday celebration.



Leela said...

Do they still give out handwarmers at the DL show. I went way back in 1996 and they gave us those to help battle the cold.

ivylanedesigns said...

No handwarmers at DL, Leela, although we sure could have used them. Brr...