January 1, 2013

36 Diet Cookbooks: Lose Weight and Feel Great!

I love cookbooks!  Healthy vegan cooking is my latest interest, ever since my beloved jumped feet first into a plant-based diet.  He's now lost 40 lbs. without even trying!  Rather than take my chances and buy cookbooks that I may never use, I audition them, thanks to my local library.  Test drive before you buy.

Click on the titles listed below for a description of each cookbook.  Our library allows us to reserve books online for free, which is one of the best deals around!

Stack #1:

Stack #2:

Stack #3:

Stack #4:

Here's to healthy cooking and eating!


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Tracie R. said...

I've been watching Christina's Cooking Class and the Jazzy Vegetarian on Create TV today. I'm thinking I might try to eat more vegetarian. At least I should start with 1 day a week and go from there. You should check out www.chefchloe.com. I saw her on Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Seems like a great, young, vegan chef. She has a cookbook out and a new one coming out in February. I reserved the one from my library. We'll see how it goes! :)