June 24, 2013

A Visit to Liz Gilbert's "Two Buttons" in Idyllic Frenchtown, New Jersey

This weekend, my loving husband and I traveled to Frenchtown, New Jersey, a charming little town right across the Delaware River from Pennsylvania.  Frenchtown is home to coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, antique stores, art galleries and a well-known import store off the beaten path.

We had been wanting to visit Two Buttons, the fun store (warehouse, actually) owned by Liz Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love," and her husband, Jose.  We weren't disappointed. 

We had lunch al fresco in town and then headed off on foot to Liz's store, only about a 10 minute walk.  If you plan to visit the store, keep an eye out for the yellow umbrella by the side of the road.

 The entrance is on the side of the building.

Much of the store's eye candy inventory is imported from Bali, Indonesia and India. 

There are two rooms filled with thousands and thousands of treasures.

There is always time for a quick smooch because (see first photo below), as Liz's priest in Laos said, we have so much love for life that we need nothing more than two buttons in our pockets to get by in this world.


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