January 3, 2016

DIY Sharpie Mug in Purple Paisley

I recently had the good fortune to reconnect with a childhood friend.  Nancy is consistently positive and seems to always wear a smile on her face.  She brightens a room just by walking through the door.  I thought I would surprise her with a Sharpie mug.

In the past, I had found great success using a porcelain pen by the French company, Pebeo, that I used to make this mug and this tile coaster.  Since Pebeo doesn't make a paint pen in purple, I turned to Sharpie.  Sharpie makes oil-based markers that reportedly are permanent on nonporous surfaces.  I bought the five-pack of oil-based Sharpies that included purple, as well as blue, green, orange and pink.

Detailed instructions, including baking time, can be found here.  Be sure to only use oil-based and not the regular Sharpie markers.  

A cellophane bag filled with chocolates and a purple polka-dotted bow finished the Sharpie mug gift.

If you make a Sharpie mug, let me know!

Happy crafting!



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