July 13, 2012

Creativity: With Paris on My Mind

It's time to bump that living room redesign up the to-do list.  My motivation?  Fabulous Paris map wallpaper that I spotted on my friend Katherine's Pinterest board.  You read about Katherine HERE.  I am not typically a fan of wallpaper, but this stuff is pretty awesome.  My plan is for the room to be black and off-white.  The Paris wallpaper would accent the wall behind my nonexistent sofa. 

I have my hopes set high for a knockoff Pottery Barn sofa that will be easier on the wallet than the real thing.  No luck as of yet, but I remain confident.  If it were to look something like this one, I would be gai comme un pinson (as happy as a lark).

Huntington Beige by Benjamin Moore would be the couleur parfaite (perfect color) for the remaining three living room walls. 

Thoughts of Paris would not be complete without mention of the Eiffel Tower.  Eiffel Tower recycled crayon sets of twenty (20) are available in my Etsy shop HERE (assorted colors) and HERE (black and pink).  Ils sont parfait!


Mini jot-and-go Je t'aime (I love you) journals made from recycled paper are available HERE (pink and white) and HERE (black and white).

Here is a snapshot from our girls' trip to Paris in celebration of my mother's 70th birthday.  If you can, take your mother to Paris before it's too late.  She will love it and will cherish the memories always.

Au revoir,


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Caitlin said...

GORGEOUS!! I would love to have something like this in our guest room. And I liked your comment about taking your mom to Paris. My parents took me to Paris when I was in high school and I acted like a surly teenager the whole time and definitely owe them a pleasant trip to Paris :)