February 14, 2014

DIY :: Conversation Heart Bracelet

My friend Tami makes super cool jewelry.  This Valentine's Day I wanted to surprise her with a bracelet I made in appreciation for the ones she has created for me, like this one and this one.  A conversation heart bracelet from pastel shades of polymer clay was the perfect thing! 

A Sculpey assortment pack in pastel colors is the way to go.  I found this one with free shipping.
Polymer clay colors are easy enough to mix, but I had a time crunch from filling tons of crayon orders so bought light shades of pink, orange, blue, yellow and green.  I forgot purple.  I conditioned the clay by massaging it, rolled it into a ball that I flattened, smashed out the finger prints by using the back of a spatula, punched out little hearts using a fondant cutter from this set, poked holes (use a toothpick or the wire poker that comes with this kit) and stamped T-A-M-I.  I baked the beads at 275°F for 15 minutes.  After they cooled, I strung them with elastic.  Because of that time crunch I mentioned, I then sprayed them with polyurethane.  Spraying before stringing would have been ideal.  My TAMI bracelet was still a little tacky (to the touch, not tacky like, you know) but I placed it in my empty candy box and it was on its way to sunny Florida.

What I learned:  Next time, I will most likely make thicker beads so that I can use a toothpick and heavier elastic.  I will spray the beads before stringing, and will not use an empty conversation heart candy box for packaging.  Even though it seemed like a swell idea at the time, one might confuse the bracelet sound the box makes when shaken, with heart candy.  Or, I will attach a note saying to peek inside for a special surprise.

The little cutters were available on amazon with free shipping.  I used the smallest of the three hearts.

The alphabet stamps can be found here, or at craft stores.  The bead baking rack, although not essential, is super convenient and can be found here.  And, it comes with the wire used to poke holes through the beads.

 Here is the finished bracelet on Tami's lovely wrist.

Happy crafting! 


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Tami said...

The original surprise was receiving the package after a long day of work and late night at an uneventful art show on Thursday. The best surprise was getting the message to "open the box - it's not candy". So since I was at work on Friday morning, I ceased working and opened the box! That was such a fun idea - thank you! I love Merrill! Happy Valentine's Day!