April 3, 2012

Creativity: Chicken Soup *Muffins* and SMASH!

I am a little sad because the guy with the caterpillar eyebrows left Debra Messing last night on SMASH.  Granted, she should never have had an affair (or affairs, as the case may be) with Joe DiMaggio.  I do hope they reconcile.  So, chicken soup to lift my après SMASH spirits is in order.   

Earlier this week, I roasted the moistest chicken ever (learn the secret HERE).  My beloved used part of the leftovers to make chicken soup because he knows it's one of my favorite lunches.  There was such a big pot that I decided to freeze some for later enjoyment.


This is the easiest thing ever!  You'll need:  homemade soup, a silicone muffin pan (I chose cheery hearts), a cookie sheet and a ladle or large spoon.  Oh, and a freezer.  That is it! 


1.  Place silicone muffin pan on cookie sheet.  If you try to do this later in the process, soup will undoubtedly slosh all over your counter.  Nobody wants to clean up sloshed soup. 

2.  Ladle soup into muffin pan.

3.  Carefully place cookie sheet with filled muffin pan on level shelf in freezer and wait.  Whistle while you wait (or, is it work?) if you like, but I typically craft nifty gifites (HERE) while I wait.  Note to self:  Learn to whistle.

4.  Once frozen solid, remove *muffins* and place them in freezer zippered bag.  

5.  Freeze for later use.  When you have a hankering for homemade soup (Alton Brown recommends avoiding canned soups at at all times.  Read about it HERE), pop a frozen soup *muffin* or two into a bowl or mug and microwave, stirring every so often.  Easy and good.  Enjoy!

Now that I have my bowl of comforting soup, back to SMASH.  I stumbled upon the awesome TV series while cruising the OnDemand offerings.  I watched one episode, then another, then had a SMASH marathon and am now completely hooked!  It's wonderful!  It's all about the development of a Broadway show centering around the life of Marilyn Monroe.  There is much more drama behind the scenes than on stage.  

Katherine McPhee (from American Idol fame) and Angelica Huston are my favorites, so far.  Katherine has a beautiful voice.  Really.  If you haven't heard her sing, you must.  Angelica Huston is a gifted actress (and, I really hope she gets together with the dreamy bartender).  I am trying to decide if Derek, who plays the director, is scrumptious in real life or if it's just his British accent that makes me look twice.  Click HERE to learn more about the show.  It airs Mondays at 10:00 pm on NBC.  And, the soundtrack is coming out May 1.  Mother's Day gift, perhaps? 

Make soup.  Eat soup.  Freeze soup.  Eat more soup.  Love life.  Watch SMASH.


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Dee said...

The scrumptious bartender used to be on one of the ABC soaps (back when I had time to watch soaps and when ABC used to have more on than General Hospital). The girl who plays Ivy is the whole package. However, Debra Messing's character should never have been messing around with Joe DiMaggio (who displayed little regard for his own wife and child). I am hooked on this show.