April 21, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers: Josh

Recently I went stand to stand at Zern’s Farmers’ Market, asking for donations of food for the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, a non-profit organization that helps individuals and families in need.  During the evening, I met a young man, Josh, who was working at a produce stand.  Josh had been the Pottstown Cluster’s client and had eaten many a community meal.  He had been homeless, living in abandoned houses or in a tent city under the South Washington Street Bridge in Pottstown.  He was in a bad place.  The Pottstown Cluster provided him with hot meals through the Community Meals program and clothing and food through the Emergency Food Pantry. 

When I asked Josh for a donation, he immediately spoke with his boss.  The Cluster now has 150 lbs. of potatoes and 30 lbs. of romaine lettuce, thanks to the kind generosity of Deb and Tiny who manage Stand 143 in the Center Court.  Josh’s life has completely turned around.  He has a new apartment, is making smart decisions and has a good job at the produce stand where he is a responsible and reliable employee.  He and his girlfriend, Sarah, are expecting their first child in October.  The Cluster helped him through an exceedingly hard time.  Now, he and his employers are giving back to the Cluster.  Thank you, Josh, Deb and Tiny.  


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