October 10, 2012

Mother/Daughter Halloween Craft Project

Halloween means pumpkins, costumes and candy - but also rainy day CRAFTS!  Our mother/daughter craft project involved assembling a 3D haunted house from a bazillion foam pieces with instructions that stated only "follow the picture on package."  Okay, there were 131 pieces, but it felt like a bazillion.  It was a fun project requiring a lot of patience and a lot of glue.  The kit is by Creatology and is available at Michaels stores.  [Tip:  Always check their site for a printable coupon before you go.  And, sign up for their mailing list as they email coupons regularly.  I used a 50% off coupon for our haunted house project.]


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JenKehl.com said...

As a fellow blogger who is not crafty at all, I so appreciated this! I just happened upon it, you were first up in google! Because we lost the picture for this haunted house. Thank you so much!!!