October 5, 2012

My Favorite Things: Everyday Comfy Outfit

What is your favorite thing to wear?  For me, hands down, it's my black yoga pants that I first received as a gift from my sweet pea daughter, topped with a boyfriend T-shirt in white (white boyfriend T-shirt sounded, well, wrong).  I now own five pairs of these pants and an equal number of white tees.  My Tiffany bracelet from my beloved, black Champion socks and black New Balances finish off the outfit.  Comfort heaven!

Here is the 4-1-1 on where I found this sampling of my favorite things:

1.  White boyfriend T-shirt from Target.  Mine has a little pocket and is a tad fuller, but is pretty close to the one pictured.  It must be a seasonal item.

2.  Tiffany heart bracelet that I received from my sweetheart for my birthday.

3.  Black shorty Adidas socks.  I buy mine in the multi-pack from Costco.

4.  New Balance 490 black running shoes.  Most comfortable kicks EVER!  They've been discontinued, so if you can find them in your size, buy them asap, and please let me know! 

5.  Black yoga pants from Target.  They come in different lengths.  [TIP:  Wash these in Woolite for darks - really known as Woolite Extra Dark Care - on the delicate or hand wash cycle of your washer, and throw them over your shower rod to try.  Never put them in the dryer.  They will stay dark for years and years and you will be a happy girl.]

I would love to hear about your favorite comfy outfit.



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