January 20, 2014

Random Act of Kindness, California Tortilla Style

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked, "What are you doing to help others?"  Today the Royersford California Tortilla, known for its delicious fresh Mexican food, answered that question by generously donating dinner for 100 of those in need through the Pottstown Cluster's Community Meal program.

Five days a week there is a place to go in the Pottstown Community for a free hot meal.  The Pottstown Cluster Outreach sponsors the volunteer-driven Community Meals program.  The schedule can be found HERE.

Today there were chicken and beef burritos, tortilla chips, salsa, queso and salad with a scrumptious honey lime dressing, courtesy of the Royersford California Tortilla.

The burritos were huge!

There were many happy faces at the meal today.

Our devoted volunteers gathered for a day of willing service (I'm the one wearing the GEEK sweater, naturally).

Allan Altschull, President of the Board of Directors for the Pottstown Cluster, personally thanked the owner of California Tortilla for his generous donation.

The next time you visit California Tortilla, please ask for a manager and tell him or her THANK YOU, and maybe give a big hug.  The owner's kindness, compassion and generosity is inspiring and so very much appreciated.

Read more about the community meals our merry band of volunteers have served HERE.  For information on how you can get involved and volunteer, visit the Pottstown Cluster's website.  

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller.


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