March 24, 2012

Creativity: Easter Crayons ~ Bunnies & Duckies

I have been working fast and furiously creating Easter crayons for Ivy Lane Designs from discarded broken bits and pieces.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting an Easter basket when I was a kid (read about anticipation HERE), and would look forward to the arrival of the bunny for weeks.  We would wake up super early Easter morning, tiptoe to the backdoor and let out a WHOOP of delight when we saw our beautifully wrapped Easter baskets filled with all sorts of wonderful treats!  Thanks, Mom, um, I mean Easter Bunny.

This year I wanted to make something fun and colorful that would entertain kids long after the destruction of their baskets - and, not give them cavities.  Hence the birth of the bunny and ducky crayons.  Available in sets of six (6), with a FREE gift box included, by clicking HERE, or in fill-your-Easter-eggs packs of 20 Bunnies HERE and Duckies HERE.  I will happily make a combo for you.  Just let me know what strikes your fancy.


This is my handy dandy work surface.  It's a paper (natch!) grocery bag after I slit down the side and cut off the bottom.  Perfect for my purpose, and it looks super funky fresh!


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